Super Nose

SUPER NOSE has returned. Ugghh.

This seems to be my usual first indication of being pregnant. My normally non-smelly rather nasally challenged world vanishes and is replaced with a terribly smelly nauseating one. Let me explain a little: compared to most people I usually have a very poor sense of smell, the scent needs to be quite strong for me to notice it.

On the weekend I could barely stand to be in the house. The garbage needed to be taken out and even after it was gone I couldn’t get the place aired out. An hour later, with all the windows open, the stench lingered – something like rotting onion. Even the lovely chicken curry I’d made a few days ago had taken on a putrid smell. I’ve had to chuck it as there’s absolutely no way I can put it on a plate in front of me let alone place it in my mouth.

Clothing and fabrics have taken on a new smelliness. My bad habit of leaving a load in the washer overnight has meant that most of my wardrobe has a slightly musty smell. Ick. I can’t even sleep in my own bed or on the couch without smelling IT. Everything smells musty: pajamas, pillowcases, couch cushion covers, etc. I’ll have to break out the Febreeze to deodorize the furniture and do a lot of laundry for all the other items. Seriously considering buying new couch cushions – they really need to be replaced anyways. Oh, I mustn’t forget to buy a bunch of new kitchen cloths, mine have all suddenly vanished into the garbage, noxious stinky things!

Even gardening has become disgusting. I never knew the terrible stench it creates. Reaching over to pluck a weed and – ewwwwwww, what the heck is that cat-pee-like smell? Just my paperwhites in bloom; who knew they stunk so much? The earth smells, the flowers smell and not all in a nice way, even the air smells (I think I can now catch a whiff of the neighbourhood skunk). My dear lovely garden, reduced to a stinky pile of ickiness. I don’t think I’ll be out there as much in the near future.

Along with Super Nose a workplace hazard has presented itself. My little office is located at the very back of the office near the washrooms. Normally, I’m the best person for this location (can’t smell much), but with Super Nose I’m being tortured. I wonder if my co-workers will notice me jumping up to turn the washroom fans on constantly? June 1st, my announcement date, is a long way down the road – I’ll have to endure things as best I can until then.

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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