An Interesting Invitation

I’ve been invited to participate in an allergy study being conducted across Canada. As I’ve always been interested in allergies and how they seem to be increasingly impacting our population, I’m a very willing participant. Interestingly, the study is that it will be throwing genetics into the equation – cooool. I almost wish I could be more involved other than just being a participant, but at least I’ll be involved on the periphery.

The study will be tracking me and our expected wee one over the next six years. I’ll be meeting periodically with members of the study team, they’ll conduct a home visit after the little one arrives and samples will be taken at pre-determined intervals. Our diet, lifestyle, stress levels, etc. will all be recorded as well as, of course, our health status.

The purpose of the study as stated in the information package: The main purpose of the CHILD (Canadian Healthy Infant Logitudinal Development) Study is to learn about how the living environments of children interact with their genetic make-up to affect their health and development.

So, if there are no health issues with the wee one, such as an abnormal ultrasound, or if it decides to enter the world before 35 weeks gestation, we’ll be one of 5,000 families participating in the CHILD Study across Canada.

I can hardly wait to hear what the results of the study will be.

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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