New Computer Conquered!!

Well, after struggling all day with various installation issues I’ve finally got the new computer up and running, with all the super important programs operating correctly. We’ll decommission the old computer soon, then it might take to flying through the air before its final trip to the recycling depot.

Glitch #1: Parallel ports not supported with new systems. I can’t believe that I’m so out of touch with printers that I didn’t know the cables have all changed. They’re no longer the clunky parallel ports of old, but a new sleek USB style. This was the one area that I had thought Ian, the computer guy, had fallen asleep at the switch with. How could he assume we didn’t use a printer? Of course he did, he just assumed that we had one that had been made after the dinosaur age. Oh well, time to go buy a new one I suppose.

Glitch #2: Front USB port won’t recognize memory stick. A few months ago I bought a memory stick thinking that it was the way to go as far as a movable, stable media for file storage. When I plugged it into the front of the new CPU tower the computer refused to even recognize it. Snotty computer! So, I chatted online with the manufacturer’s tech person and was informed that the stick wouldn’t work in the front, I would have to use it in one of the back ports instead. Arg. The setup of my computer center isn’t exactly conducive to reaching behind the tower to fiddle with a memory stick and get it into an available USB port. I have to actually slide the tower out of the little cubby hole and squeeze my hand in behind to connect the memory stick. Joy. As I said to the tech guy “at least I’m able to access some of my key files from the old system.”

Glitch #3: Quickbooks 2007 wouldn’t open in Windows 7. As we had already put out a lot of money for the new computer, printer and a printer cable, I really didn’t want to have to purchase a new version of Quickbooks. And I certainly didn’t want the added nightmare of trying to import an older version’s data into the new version or worse yet, re-enter a lot of information. So when the program wouldn’t open after downloading the updates, restarting the computer and logging in as the administrator, I persevered in trying to troubleshoot the problem. I must give Quickbooks credit though, their troubleshooting guide did get the program working. Surprising, considering I’m sure they would rather me purchase a newer version of their software than continue to plod on with an old version.

So, all in all, I think I did relatively well in my quest to get the new system up and running in a reasonable amount of time. I’m pleased that I was able to manage with the little hiccups that came along. We’ve even picked up a new printer already (on sale!) and I should be able to do some invoicing for Daryle before the weekend is out. Now if only I could figure out where to store the computer box for 3 years for warranty purposes.

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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