Nope – I’m not referring to the FIFA World Cup. I scored, big time, at the fabric store on the weekend.

My sister accompanied me on my big excursion to the fabric store. I just had to make the most of their sale before it was over! She was soooo patient. She endured my indecisiveness and pickiness with a smile and cheerfully helped me dig through the piles of fabric bolts and manouever through the quagmire of zipper selection. I’m so new to this game, I felt rather lost and confused; thank goodness she was there to help me! At one point I had chosen some really beautiful fabric that was on sale as ‘buy 1 meter for $24 and get 1 meter free’. Then we explored further into the back of the store and found bolts of last season’s fabric made by the same manufacturer on sale for “buy 1 meter for $14 and get 3 meters free’. Well, I can’t tell you how fast I dumped the $24/m fabric and hunted for something acceptable in last season’s pile.

So, in an effort to bring our patio furniture back to life, I bought 12 meters (buy 1 meter and get 3 meters free) of last year’s outdoor fabric (8 in a neutral light brown to cover seat cushions, 2 in a solid green for throw cushions and 2 more in a green/brown strip for more throw cushions). My other expenditures for the day were: a membership for the rest of the year, zippers for the cushions, inexpensive white fabric to hold the cushions together while the covers are in the wash. My bill came to just over $100 including taxes. Not bad considering that we picked up the love seat and two chairs at the curb for nothing!

I love a sale. Oh, and I’ve just heard that some of my favourite paper packs for scrapbooking are on sale for half price over the next week…

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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