My New Look

Well? What do you think? Not very inspiring is it? I didn’t do myself any justice this morning when I got ready for work. I felt crummy about putting on runners for extra support. Ick. Not that I’m particularly vain about my footwear, but runners at work? It was downhill from there, actually it has been downhill for quite a while. I’ve stopped wearing my makeup and certainly haven’t bothered fixing my hair in anything resembling a ‘do’.

So, in preparation for my trip to the hairdresser tonight, I went online and did a quick virtual makeover using today’s very plain, very dull look. Although the scowl is very off-putting and the picture is quite grainy, there’s an marked improvement. I tried on various hairstyles: long and curly, very short, poufy, symmetrical, asymmetrical, and so on. This was the only one that really appealed to me. I ‘applied’ very minimal makeup so that I would still resemble myself.

Step #1: get hair cut fairly short – grow bangs out
Step #2: style hair nicely in the morning
Step #3: put on a bit of makeup in the morning
Step #4: actually choose something nice to wear – not just what happens to tumble out of the closet

I’m honestly surprised I didn’t feel better about things this morning. I’m actually quite pleased with how life in general is going: I’m thrilled to be expecting child #2, my back and headache issues have been resolved, I have a doting husband and loving son, last night I enjoyed an aquacize class with a close friend, work is going well, and my garden looks quite nice. What more could I ask for? Supportive shoes that look cute and don’t squeak.

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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