What a Day – and It’s Only Just Begun

Blink, blink. Morning already? What a terrible night’s sleep. All night I kept thinking about a conversation I need to have with my employer. Nothing earth shattering, but I need to discuss an issue that’s been on my mind for a few weeks.

I wonder how my back will feel today? Has bb shifted in the night? I’ve been told by a physiotherapist that as the baby is getting bigger, it is pressing more and more against my ribs and the ribs are actually twisting and causing searing back pain. Hmmm, feels like I’ll be okay today. The back pain isn’t excruciating, just barely there.

Let’s see, what’s next on my agenda? Measure my ketones and jump in the shower. Jump being a relative term – more like a slowly orchestrated, carefully non-twisting, trying not to make any sudden movements type of action.

Next I need to make lunches and snacks for Daniel and myself. Oh dear, it’s already 7:00am and I haven’t even started making my breakfast yet. No clean bowls either (I wish I had more energy to deal with the day-to-day chores). A mixing bowl will have to do. A handful of rolled oats, some chopped nuts and into the microwave for 3 minutes. A splash of soy milk later and I’m tucking into my favourite breakfast meal. Yum.

As soon as I’m done I put the timer on and get on the elliptical. This is Daniel’s cue to get dressed before the timer beeps. He’s usually pretty co-operative, but this morning he’s managed to get himself tangled in his pj shirt. I can hear him calling me but he’ll have to wait until I’m finished exercising. BEEP! Okay, I’m done. Grab my watch as I pass the bookcase in the hall and then help Daniel get dressed, replace the clothes in his daycare backpack and scoot him into the bathroom to finish getting ready.

At last we’re ready to leave the house – it can’t really be 7:30! I am sooooo late. Quick check: lunches – yes, both of us are dressed – yes, bags ready for work and daycare – yes. I think we’re ready to go. “Daniel, aren’t you wearing socks today?” Apparently not, so I have to go down the hall and get a pair from his chest of drawers so that he has a pair handy in case his feet get cold later on. We pile into the van and Daniel starts to tell me that he’s forgotten his 2 favourite stuffies in the house. Too bad little guy, they’ll have to wait for you until you get home tonight.

After dropping him off at daycare, I rush to join the rush-hour traffic lineup. NOOO! I can’t believe my eyes. There’s been an accident between an armoured truck and large SUV and they’re blocking both lanes heading down Nordel to the Alex Fraser Bridge. Crud. It just isn’t my day today. The delays just keep piling up.

I arrive at work half and hour late. I probably look like garbage, much like how I feel. How am I going to manage this for the next 2 months?

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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