A September Morning

I found this little note among my paperwork and thought it deserved a quick entry. I think it was from September when I was still expecting and keeping on top of my gestational diabetes.

I’ve woken up as usual at about 3:00am. Pay a quick visit then head to the kitchen for my nightly snack. Pour a glass of milk and munch on a few nuts to slow down the absorption of the carbs in the milk. Back to bed.

When Daniel wakes up, he comes and snuggles with me for a few minutes then asks if he can make his breakfast. Splendid idea kiddo. “You can make yourself some toast if you’d like, I’m going to have a shower first then I’ll come out to the kitchen.” My sweet, thoughtful son has a surprise waiting for me when I come into the kitchen a few minutes later. He’s made a piece of toast for me and has put half of his chocolate chip cookie (if Daryle has to leave for work before Daniel’s up in the morning he leaves a cookie on Daniel’s placemat) with my toast. How sweet.

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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