Wasting My Time

Today is one of those magical days that unexpectedly appear from time to time. I have the unexpected luxury today of not having to go in to work.

Yesterday’s hard work paid off: I had gone in to the office for a few hours in the morning (with both boys too!) and worked from home in the afternoon. After dinner I scooted in to the office again to drop of the work I had done. So after doing a bit of work from the house this morning, I don’t need to go in to the office at all today!

Aaaah, I can stay home…. time to relax. I switched on the TV and began watching a cooking program, flicking to a decorating program when the ads came on. Then I heard the sweetest sound – baby Andy cooing from where he was playing nearby. What was I thinking by wasting my time watching the TV? How could I possibly waste this precious day and not make the most of my time with Daniel and Andy?

Click! Off went the TV and I got down on the floor to have some playtime with Andy. We played a couple of little games. He’s now having his morning nap and I’m trying to figure out what activity I can do with both boys when Andy awakens. I think a nice walk with the stroller and then some time in the back yard will be a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

I’m definitely not letting this day waste away!

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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