My Second Childhood

I must say that I’ve having an absolutely fantastic time with Daniel’s Beaver Scouts. Haven’t actually been to one of his colony meetings yet (we’ve attended another colony twice as visitors), but I’m, or should I say, we are having a lot of fun.

So far I’ve attended the AGM, group committee meeting, emergency group committee meeting, popcorn fundraising kickoff, made a popcorn fundraising presentation, and sat on the sidelines for two Beaver Scout colony meetings. I’ve laughed, joked, made relevant comments and have witnessed adults working together to make children’s experiences with Scouts safe, educational and a lot of fun. However, I don’t think Daryle is very impressed that I’m not home very much. He certainly doesn’t share my enthusiasm. Perhaps he’ll join in the fun at some point – I’m not holding my breath.

This evening will be another busy one: I’m stopping by to visit Paul (Leader for one of the Scout groups) and then Wendy (another Leader for a different scout group) to drop off fundraising information. Afterwards, Daniel and I will head over to his Beaver colony, give our presentation, then he can settle in and get to know the other kids in his group. I hope I get along with the parents at the Thursday night colony as well as the parents at the Monday night colony. I may even switch to Monday night if necessary (I’m sorry, but Daniel has a blast regardless of what night he attends and I want to enjoy myself as well).

On Monday night Daniel did so well standing up in front of the children in Beavers to show them how easy it is to speak to others about selling popcorn. He used his own words, with a few extras thrown in by me. “Hi, I’m David, I’m a Beaver Scout. Would you like to buy some scrumptious popcorn? We’re trying to raise money so that our group can go camping.” Scrumptious was actually his suggestion, so it stayed. I’m so proud of him – he did an awesome job speaking in front of his peers.

Feeling somewhat geekish (if that’s a word) I can hardly focus on my work today in anticipation of how much I’ll have tonight. Sheeesh, what have I become?

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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