Sunny Climes

Well, here I am in Phoenix!

After our fairly uneventful flight down to Phoenix from Vancouver, I’m getting a chance to relax and take a deep breath. With Ron and James off golfing with Doug, Marlene and I are left to our own devices. I think Marlene is having a nice sleep-in and I’ve just finished a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

Now the big question is: what to do with myself? I could go for a swim in the pool, sit and read my book or take a short walk over to the mall to get some shampoo, conditioner and sunblock. Decisions, decisions.

I think I’ll wait until the weather warms up a little more before jumping in the pool, so that leaves me with settling in to read my book. Heaven knows I’ll avoid the shopping excursion as long as humanly possible.

My poor planning for my own devices has put a wrench in the works. I forgot to bring the chargers for my mp3 player, cell phone and also the camera. What was I thinking? I did, however, bring along the charger for my DS. That would be fine if I had brought the DS as well! serves me right for packing in the dark. At the time it seemed like a good idea, what with Alex sleeping fairly soundly in his crib a few feet awy. So here I am, thousands of miles from home struggling to keep my tech devices limping along. Of course, they’re all running a little low. Hopefully, I can eke out enough battery time to take a few photos and record enough of the meetings to prepare my minutes when I return to the office on Tuesday.

Well, I’m off to read my book!

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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1 Response to Sunny Climes

  1. Hey! I was just wondering if you had a computer with you or not! Glad you are having a bit of time to relax. I didn't get to call you to tell you to have a good trip, so "Have a great trip!"

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