Happy New Year!

Well, didn’t Christmas and New Year’s just fly by?



I’m baaaaack…

Hope you had a nice time over the holidays. While I enjoyed the festivities, I’m rather pleased that life will be getting back to normal again. A new and improved version of normal. After all the overindulging and lack of sleep I haven’t been feeling very well lately. Nothing that I could really put my finger on, just feeling unenergetic and yucky. But yucky enough to know that something’s amiss. So, I dug out the blood glucose meter that I had used during my gestational diabetes and… 5…4…3…2…1…   *14.5*

Oh heck!

Hold on – wait a cotton-pickin’ minute! That can’t possibly be correct. The high end of normal is 7.0. My reading was more than double what it should be and I’d been trying to eat reasonably that day. The meter must be faulty (interpret as denial). Where’s the control solution? Dab… 5…4…3…2…1… right on target. Darn, my blood is really like a vampire’s version of pancake syrup.

So that day and the next I watched every morsel that I ate and 24 hours later my readings were in the 5 to 6 range. Much better. But it hasn’t taken much for the readings to spike again. Last night I had some beef and vegetables on rice noodles and my reading spiked to to 9.2.

So, off to have a chat with the doctor. We discussed the ‘return’ of my diabetes. In reality it never really went away, but I was in denial. However, the writing is on the wall and this time I’m taking the time to read it and take it’s warning seriously.

I’m going in for blood work tomorrow morning. The results will reveal what my blood sugar levels have looked like over the past three months. Three months!!! Yikes. I dread to see what the results are going to reveal. The upside is that I’m sure I’ll be able to control my blood sugar levels with diet and exercise. Exercise has always been somewhat of a four letter word for me up until this point. It’s time to rethink my exercise demon and move beyond my personal hang-up. At this moment I’m seeing it as a safety net. Something that’s there in the background, but not the main focus of my life; but always present and keeping me out of harm’s way.

All that being said, my body has dictated my New Year’s resolution: Eat better and exercise. This time I can’t fall off the wagon. My health depends on it.

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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