Life Through the Kitchen Window

I’ve thought, and laughed, about how bizarre I must look if someone were to watch me through the kitchen window. And as we hardly ever close our blinds before bedtime I’m sure people get an eyeful quite often.

Take bottle warming as an example. In the evening the bottle routine goes something like this:
-grab a clean bottle sleeve
-drop in a liner
-measure 3 scoops of powdered formula and fill bottle with already cooled boiled water
-throw splash of water into bottle heater and toss in the bottle (don’t forget to put the bottle nipple and ring on first)
-while bottle heats up, prepare two more bottles for tomorrow and place in fridge, top up diapers in Andy’s bag and refill the wipeys box and if there’s any time remaining unload a few dishes from the dishwasher or tidy the kitchen table
-take the nice warm bottle and serve to Andy, who has been patiently waiting (ha!) while being lugged about the kitchen while I take my sweet time warming his bottle.

Another example of what might look a little odd through the window is story time:
-prepare ingredients for dinner and put on stove/in oven/etc.
-call Daniel to grab a book and bring it over
-drop to the kitchen floor to have story time with the boys (seen from the window as vanishing out of sight)
-read enthusiastically (loudly, funny noises, moving around and so on) until book is finished
-ask Daniel to return the book to wherever he had originally found it
-jump to feet as pot of threatens to either catch fire or boil over and avert almost certain dinner disaster.

I also often have face-pulling contests with Daniel and funny dance moves contests which invariably lead to Daniel and I dancing wildly around the kitchen.

Really, what anyone would see is a mom trying her best to fill several roles all at the same time.

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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