Sweet Persistence

Sugar is calling me.

“Christine…. where are you? I miss you so very much, don’t you miss me?” sugar sweetly whispers in the dark just before bed time.

I stand before the open pantry cupboard. The dim light in the kitchen has set the mood for a sugary seduction, but I vow not to give in to the sweet temptations all around me. Licorice Allsorts wink, the third, yes third, Tupperware container full of cookies reaches out to touch my finger… Just in time I turn away and close the door. Whew, that was close. Perhaps all I really need is a glass of water before bed.

I avert my eyes from the broken pieces of gingerbread house lounging seductively in its bowl on the counter. As I open the fridge door a cool chocolate bar leans towards me. “I’ve been waiting for you since the beginning of December, Sweetheart. Take me now.” I grab the jug of water instead. Ha!

Not to be ignored, a box of Ferraro Rocher from the top of the fridge leers down at me. The voice gets more aggressive “You can’t resist me. I know you want me. I have something very special under this wrapper. C’mon. I taste sooooooooo good.”

Okay, now I’m beginning to feel panicky, my pulse quickens. I really do want the sugar; I really do adore the sweet taste on my tongue. I really, really want to disappear into to luscious piece of chocolate to be rewarded with the nutty crunch when I get to the middle. I can imagine the feel of the chocolate melting in my mouth, the tiny pieces of nuts stimulating my taste buds… Ah, but then I’d have to immediately wash my hands and brush my teeth (Andy’s nut allergy). Sorry sugar, I can resist you.

Feeling a little stronger now I drink my glass of water and head to bed.

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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1 Response to Sweet Persistence

  1. Bubbles says:

    You know that dark chocolate has less sugar, better for the diabetic…

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