The One Legged Robin

Are my personal stories relevant to Daniel? Yes, to my surprise, he has requested this particular story several times.


Many years ago in the early spring I looked out of my window at work and saw a robin sitting on the ground. At the time it seemed odd; I had never noticed a robin sitting on the ground before. After a few minutes it stood up and searched for some food. I then realized that this particular little robin had only one leg. My first thought was that it wouldn’t last long: it was extra-vulnerable and hunting for food must have been more difficult than for other “able-bodied” robins. I kept my eye on him throughout the afternoon while I worked; he alternated between resting on the ground all puffed up to keep warm and jabbing the lawn in search of worms. The next morning he was gone.

Well, the year came and went, and the next spring arrived. With it came the one-legged robin! To my delight he looked healthy and full of energy. Nice colouring to his feathers and he hopped about enthusiastically. How wonderful that the little guy had survived through two migrations and three seasons since I had last seen him!

Each spring I’d keep my eyes open for him, and was thrilled to see his return for several years.


Take away from this story what you will. It’s a great little story to illustrate determination, the power of survival instincts, making the most of your situation (even if it’s not ideal), perseverance and land stewardship (take care of your space, you never know what little creature might rely on it every single year to rest and refuel during their journey).

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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