Thit Happens

Back in December I took Daniel with me to purchase some Christmas cards.

As I was doing the usual pick-n-put-back routine, Daniel amused himself at the card display rack behind me. Standing beside me was an elderly woman that had the homemade-cookies-grandmotherly look down pat. Her neatly coiffed silvery hair and cornflower blue coat spoke “here is a pleasant and thoughtful person”. She too was performing her own version of the pick-n-put-back routine.

Several minutes passed and I still didn’t have any cards in my basket. I heard a giggle. Then another. Daniel had a card in his hand and he found it terribly funny. Such a sweet sounding laugh continued filling the air. The lady beside me turned to him and asked to see his card. She explained that perhaps her grandson would find it just as funny.

“What a nice boy I have” I thought as I carried on perusing the wall of cards, patting myself on the back.

Daniel handed the card to the woman. She held it for a moment, blushed and then walked away. She didn’t make any comment, she certainly didn’t pick up one for her grandson, she just left. Curious, I took a look at the card as Daniel continued to laugh. It had a duck on the front with “I forgot your birthday…” and printed on the inside “thit happens”. No wonder the lady didn’t buy one. By this point Daniel was almost peeing himself he’s laughing so hard. He begged me to buy the card for him pleeeeeeeeease. Pretty pleeeeease.

Attempts to explain that the card wasn’t appropriate didn’t curb his enthusiasm at all. Not in the slightest. Throughout the rest of our errands, he kept repeating “thit happens” and giggling. I just prayed that nobody understood him and if they did, that they wouldn’t think “what sort of mother lets her child talk like that at such a young age? Disgraceful.”

How humbling. I don’t think Daniel even understood what “thit” stood for. I hope. I don’t want my baby understanding such things just yet. When he tells me that “stupid” is a bad word I have to smile at his innocence. He’s groing up so fast – I want to keep my sweet little boy around as long as I can.

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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