Nope – Not Accepting This – Can’t Make Me

Am I behaving childishly? Absolutely.

Be assured that the childish behaviour will continue. I’m stomping my little foot, digging my heels in, having a little pouty fit with my arms crossed. You bet. I’m ticked!!

Diagnosis of MS via email is cold – very cold hearted. Frankly, I’m not buying into the diagnosis. Call it denial, putting my head in the sand, keeping the blinders on…

My charming neuro opthalmologist finally had his secretary respond to my email that I had sent to him last week. The reply indicated that I have been diagnosed with MS and that the purpose of my attending the MS Clinic is to confirm his diagnosis. As far as treatment, he’s said that any decision regarding treatment is up to the discretion of the MS Clinic and that they may prescribe steroids or some other medication. Dear Mr Neuro Opthalmologist has clearly stepped out of the ring as far as far as attempting to get to the bottom of what’s going on with my vision. That’s just fine. Quite frankly, I feel like washing my hands of him too.
So, where am I headed from this point?
I’ve already begun the process of obtaining a second opinion.
I also have an appointment at the Stillpoint Project office to meet with Dr. Blaney. I’m really hoping that he can help me. He’s well known for his treatment of autoimmune issues and I’ve heard good reports from one of his patients relating to how he has helped to improve their overall health.
Now I must revert back to my normal, responsible, quiet self and get on with life. Must focus on my day to day life. Today, I think I’ll walk over to pick up the boys from Liz’s, drop off the last of the popcorn money for Daniel’s scout group and make the business bank deposit along the way. Deep breath. Smile. Laugh even. It’s beautiful outside – I’m going to open the blinds to let in some of the gorgeous sunshine!

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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