Falling Behind

I’ve fallen behind on my ukulele practicing. It was going so well, too.

And then holidays happened. And then I returned to work at the beginning of August. And then I was still trying to squeeze in visits with friends. And then, and then. I haven’t tuned or played my ukulele since mid July. Guess what I’m going to be doing this evening? That is if I can get away from the dishes, dinner prep, lunch prep and laundry long enough. Even if I find the time, practicing is fraught. Here’s how I picture the evening unfolding:

Tune ukulele. I’ve nicknamed it Little Green, LG for short. I usually begin practicing with Edelweiss. It’s a simple, easy song to play and it always puts me in a cheerful frame of mind. Strum, strum, practice changing chords. Begin singing… You know how it goes, sing along with me.

Andy, wanting to play with me, reaches up and grabs all the strings at once and pulls. While I understand that he’s just being curious and wanting to have fun like me; I cringe as I carefully extricate his little fingers from the strings. Time to tune LG again.

Okay, here we go…

Strum, strum, hum a little, then sing. Repeat as necessary. This time around I’m standing so that I can practice without little fingers getting in the strings. Things are going quite well, we’re just ticking right along. Whoosh… The fan blows my music onto the floor. Arrrgh. Gosh, I need a music stand. Or… what’ve I got around here that I can make do with in a pinch? Tape. A piece of tape to stick the music to my armoire oughta do the trick.

Much better. Just as I settle into practicing again, I realise that it is 8:30pm and the boys are still wide awake. Oh well, perhaps they’ll go down quickly and I’ll be able to return to practicing. Wishful thinking. An hour of crying later (mostly on Andy’s part) and I’m exhausted. I can hardly find the energy to get ready for bed, I’d rather just collapse on the bed and deal with my jammies later.

Goodnight LG, hopefully we’ll have a better practice session tomorrow.

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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