Medication Update (read at own risk – extremely dull)

I need to be a little more clear about the costs involved with my medication. I won’t go broke taking it, but it will be a bit of a burden.

Here’s the lowdown: through my current pharmacy, the medication costs $1,929 every four weeks. Each box contains four cartridges of medication, each of which contain enough doses for a full week (3 injections). My benefit plan covers 80%, so every four weeks I’ll be paying $385.85. So, I could potentially be paying $5,016.05 annually for my Rebif. Luckily, Great-West Life has an agreement in place with Costco where they’ll cover 90% of my drug costs if I have my prescription processed through their pharmacy. Therefore, if Costco charges the same amount for Rebif, I could save at least $2,508.03. Sorry current pharmacy, I just can’t afford to stay with you – I’ve gotta go.

In my quest to have costs reduced (I’m kinda pushy that way), I’ve been in touch with Great-West Life and have made inquiries about their HealthForward program. Luckily I’m the plan administrator for Silver City, so I have the benefit of a little extra information and a personal relationship with our GWL representative. Their pamphlet indicates that for specialty medications they’d be able to set up delivery of the medication directly from the wholesaler to me. I just don’t know if Rebif would be considered an eligible medication for this particular plan. I’m waiting to hear back from them, but it sounds like a good idea as it would bypass the pharmacies and eliminate the costs of dispensation and markups. Fingers crossed.

Okay, enough talk about the cost of the medication. B O R I N G. (Daniel would be rolling his eyes and moaning loudly).

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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