First Cold/MS Combo Pack

How have you been? There’ve sure been a lot of cods and flu bugs going around.

Well, I’ve had my first cold since being diagnosed with MS. I had heard that cold and flu bugs can aggravate the nerve damage from earlier relapses. They don’t cause further damage, but may cause a pseudo relapse. It wasn’t too bad though; a little interesting, but not terrible. My vision began to go a little squirrelly, and my left arm and leg have been tingly, but at least I maintained control of said arm and leg and my vision didn’t deteriorate to the near-blindness that I had gone through in May and June. So, I just had the typical cold symptoms in addition to the flu-like symptoms from my medication, but luckily most of the symptoms have gone away now. I think my body’s even getting used to the Rebif medication. Yay! I’m still very tired. But otherwise – I’m FANTASTIC!!!

On another topic: I’ve just spoken to Jane from the MS Clinic. I had enquiries about travelling with the medication and also wanted to know about vaccinations. I’m glad to report that I don’t need to have a letter from my neurologist or a travel ID card for my trip to sunny Hawaii. I just need to bring the original packaging for the medication with the prescription sticker on it. Oky-doke. That’s so easy – I wish more things in life were so straightforward. Also, I’m quite happy that I’ll be able to have the flu and shingles vaccinations. Perhaps not at the same time though! Ha!

I’m beginning to feel more at home with my MS. I’m trying to be myself more – not try to conform to my self-imposed version of what I think people expect me to be like. It’s a slow process, but I’m realizing that all of my feelings are okay. The good, bad and everything in between. I had a good cry last night (it felt like a weight was lifted off my ribcage afterwards), and I’m also beginning to smile and laugh again as well. My morbid humour is coming through again. Yesterday, while wallowing in the misery of trying to balance some accounts, I joked that a co-worker shouldn’t be surprised to find me in a puddle of blood in my office after my slitting my throat. I was shocked to see the expression on their face. Not everybody’s familiar with my dark sense of humour. Usually I disguise it, hide it under a rug so-to-speak, but I think with my new quest to be myself, people are going to be hearing more of my morbid jokes.

Let’s talk again soon, take care.

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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