Three Steps Ahead, One Step Back

“You’d think that one’s brain would be more symmetrical… it looks like there are alarmingly large bits missing in there.” My comment is made to Dr. Traboulsee – I’m feeling rather uneasy about what appears to be a large void in the right half of my brain. How can I possibly be alive and breathing, talking even, with such a gaping hole in my brain?!

His reply, in a noticeably calm tone of voice, “No, brains are asymmetrical. If we scroll down, you’ll see that the gap fills in and on the left side there now appears to be a void –  your brain is fairly typical. This is interesting, look at the location of this lesion in August’s MRI – in December’s MRI it is completely absent.”

My neurologist and I are comparing my most recent MRI images from December 2012 against the images from August 2012. In summary, it looks like of the ~12 lesions present in the summer 3 have virtually vanished, while a large one has established itself. Hmm. So, now rather than having 12 I have 10. Lucky me! A reduction of 17% – I’ll take it.

We went on to discuss whether or not Copaxone is being effective. He’d like to check in with me in six months, by which time the Copaxone should be in full force in my system. I explained that I’m quite happy taking the drug, as it has minimal side effects and is much simpler to take than Rebif. However, if the relapses continue over the next six months at this rate, it sounds like he wants to move me on to Gilenya, Tysabri or enter into a study if there’s one available with the medications that I would be considering. At least there are options, although I don’t particularly care for them. The side effects (interpret as risks) are greater – I would have to know more about the medications and their financial impact before I make any decision. But, I don’t have to think about those options. Yet.

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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