I’m a Collaborative Work in Process

Once a month I take inventory at work and place a value on the plant’s work in process. It’s a bit of a complicated process involving our production, purchase and consumption of raw materials, shop labour and so on. So, how about a personal inventory? Certainly, it’s not as complicated a process of evaluation. In general I feel that I’m in positive territory. While I could write on and on about my symptoms or the lousier side of things… how can I write about crummy things when life continues to look up? Here are some really good things going on in my life:

  • working hard at my relationship with Daryle
  • re-connecting with my sister
  • becoming closer with some of my lifelong friends
  • progressing with Andy’s speech and behaviour issues
  • achieving positive results on a couple of levels with Daniel
  • focusing on my job at the office
Many things in my life have seen improvement as a direct result from asking for help. It’s funny, until just recently, I’d thought that the medical system had somehow let me down in terms of trying to help me with my MS. But, I just had to ask for help and continue to ask for help when something still seemed lacking. For example: Andy has been struggling with his speech, so I asked for speech therapy help, which led to behaviour therapy for him, which in turn led me to personal counselling, which brought me to work on my relationship with Daryle, which has enabled us as a family to focus on each other and become stronger. Upon reflection, the big picture reveals that I now get so much help I should cut my hours at work to part-time to compensate:
Osteopath 1x per month
Neurologist 2x annually or as needed
Family doctor as needed
Jin Shin Juitsu therapist as needed (I don’t take time off work to see them <thanks MOM!!!>)
Psychologist as needed (ha! I should be there daily!)
Nurse for my Copaxone 1x per month phone conversation
Nurse at MS Clinic as needed
Neuropthalmologist as needed
Pretty good team, eh? Individually, none of them would be able to take care of all my needs, but together they’re fantastic. Okay, okay, I’m starting to sound a little over the top cheerful. But I’m feeling better than I have in a looooong time. Way to go team!
A tulip from my garden

P.S. Visited my osteopath today for an adjustment, prescription and discussion. Didn’t even realize that my left pinky finger had gone on vacation until I tried to type upon returning to the office. Come back soon Pinky!

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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