How are You? I’m 1.98, Yay!

Yes, 1.98 is today’s self-assessment result and I’m quite pleased with it.


Isn’t that what do mentally, every time someone asks us how we’re doing? We do a super-fast calculation, choose not to verbalize it and respond with a socially acceptable “okay”, “fine” or “fantastic”.

There usually aren’t many people we’re fully honest with about our own status. And that’s just fine. The world doesn’t need to know all our nitty gritty details. Do we need to know about our neighbour’s infected toe? Absolutely not, but a person really should know where they’re at. In my case, keeping track of daily self-assessments should help me when I visit my neurologist, osteopath and speak with Mom. 🙂

Mom gets full credit for providing the inspiration for me to create a new tool for myself. The other day when Mom asked me how I was feeling, my usual response of “oh, fine” didn’t cut it. She wanted details. As always she saw right through my minimal answer – she knows better. So, without further delay, let’s give a big welcome to the newest member of my obsessive compulsive spreadsheet collection… <drumroll>… the self-assessment spreadsheet! Can you hear the slight gasp from those present who are in awe of its stunning beauty, efficiency and ease of use? Ha!

My spreadsheet gives a fairly accurate analysis of my symptoms (mental, social, physical),  eating habits, physical activity and stress level. It’s certainly not scientific, it’s just my own interpretation of where I’m at on a daily basis. Let me repeat that today, for example, I’m a 1.98. Woo hoo!

Here’s how it works: The scale rates 1 as the best, while 5 is the worst (I needed a small scale that I could easily manoeuvre through even on bad days). Also,  the cells are automatically colour coded (I love conditional formatting). Cells containing the number 1 are green and those containing a 5 are red, with 2, 3 and 4 gradually transitioning between the two. At a glance, I can see how I’ve trended over a period of time and pinpoint particular areas that might need attention. Each row of data is weighted according to my interpretation of its impact on my well-being – not all things are created equal.

Instant Me

Now that I’ve absolutely bored you to tears <here’s a tissue and a hug>, you may consider me to be the world’s biggest geek… and you’re possibly right. But I think it will prove to be a very handy tool. If nothing else, I’m hoping it will cause me to put some symptoms into perspective and allow me to consider my overall wellness in a more positive light.

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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