I’m Back, Baby!

Paddling at Cultus Lake with Daniel

News Flash…

Woman Cured of MS by Unabated Denial!

Reality check…

Okay, fine. I haven’t been cured (a little impossible as there isn’t a cure yet). But I’m feeling great. My energy is back, my brain is back, even the left side of my body is back. This is what remission feels like.

The denial part is true though. I constantly hope, wish, think that I’ve been misdiagnosed. Perhaps I have what is considered to be Clinically Isolated Syndrome (CIS). Perhaps the issues with my left arm, hand, leg, foot are all just circulation problems. Perhaps I’m delusional.

In truth though, it is a lot of work trying to stay healthy. Every morning I enjoy my kale smoothie, lunchtime is my vitamin shake. Dinner isn’t always quite as nutritious,  a hodgepodge of healthy food with a bit of junk thrown in for good measure. I’ve retrained my body to sleep well and I’m exercising again. As far as the brain stuff goes, I do Sudoku puzzles and I’m ready to pick up my ukulele again. (Ooooo, maybe I can incorporate the ukulele into an action song for the next cub camp!)

And then there’s the meds… oh the meds. Gotta love the meds – or not. I’m on an antifungal, cortisol and of course Copaxone. Instead of beating myself up about not wanting to endure the pain of the shot in the mornings, I now do my shot just before bed and snuggle up with an ice pack if necessary. Falling asleep with an ice pack tucked into your jammies is easier than it sounds. As I’ve logged over 300 injections now, I think I can safely say that I’ve finally reconciled myself to the routine.

Now, to NOT overdo things – that’s going to be the tricky bit.

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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