URB-E for Me!

I’m so excited to tell you about a new passion in my life. Let me introduce you to URB-E.


What exactly is an URB-E? To quote from their website “The world’s most compact electric vehicle. URB-E has a 20 mile range on a single charge, a top speed of 15mph, and can fold small enough to fit next to you on a train or bus.”

The features that I love about it are: it is electric and by definition won’t use any gas, the commuter version is a trike and therefore very stable (this will work well with my balance issues – there is a two-wheeled version for more coordinated, adventurous people). It is extremely compact, folding up so I won’t have to lock it up outside when running errands and it will easily drag along behind me when I am walking. Its light weight and small size will allow it to fit into the van and it will reside quietly beside my desk while I’m at work.

Embracing something ahead of the curve may seem very out of character for me. Or not. You be the judge. To demonstrate my typical lack of enthusiasm for embracing new things: Up until a month ago I was still happily using a twelve year old cell phone (by the way, my “new” phone is a hand-me-down five year old phone from a co-worker). As a family we still own and use two VHS/DVD players. When was the last time you plugged in a VHS cassette? I’m rarely enthusiastic about anything new; in general I distrust new concepts. Who wants to feel as though they’ve been ‘had’? Who likes to line others’ pockets or feed consumerism? Not me. However, the URB-E sounds like a win-win purchase to me especially with the added bonus of buying something somewhat unique, new and environmentally friendly.

Here’s how I imagine my new and improved daily routine falling out: I’ll drive the boys to daycare in the minivan then morph into enviro-mama, strap on my bicycle helmet and hop on my electric trike to commute the rest of the way to work without fighting ANY traffic. For emphasis I’ll say it again – NO traffic!!!! On the way home I’ll buzz up the hill, do my business banking, drop off my shoes for repair, pick up some fresh veggies for dinner and scoot back to daycare to pick up the boys. That’s a whole pile of commuting and running around without having to wait in a single lineup of traffic, park the van, catch a bus or lock up a bike.

For years I’ve waited for this product. When I was job hunting 18 years ago, yes it really was that long ago, I vowed I would never commute across a bridge again. That simple vow was shattered when I accepted a job that involved commuting over the Alex Fraser Bridge. All those years ago the position was the right fit for me and it still is, but the commute has been frustrating since day one and the volumes of traffic only increase with time. Just this week there was an afternoon where there were three accidents on the bridge and it took over an hour and a half to drive what would normally take only twenty minutes.

Bring on the URB-E! So eager am I, that I have been in touch with the company prior to their commuter product hitting their pre-sale order webpage. They’ve replied that they’re hoping to have the URB-E Commuter available for pre-order within the next two weeks and they expect they will be able to deliver mine to Canada by August or September. Yay! Now, I have a really big decision to make… should I get the cup holder?


About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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