The Wait is Killing Me

Such is my anticipation for preordering my URB-E Commuter, that I can hardly contain myself. At work when I fire up my computer in the morning, the first thing I check is the preorder page and my desktop graphic shows a carbon-gray URB-E with a yellow insert. At home the science magazine lays atop my dresser open to the URB-E page.

Initially I was concerned with how I was going to tell Daryle about URB-E, but that quickly became a non-issue. So, how did I let Daryle know that I’m going ahead with my purchase of an URB-E? All I did was talk to Daniel about it.

One morning over breakfast I explained to Daniel that I want an URB-E, roughly how much it was going to cost, how long it was going to take to pay for itself, the pros, cons and so on. Daryle entered the room and within five seconds, Daniel had said “Mommy wants an URB-E, it will cost…”

On days when commuting is stressful I now imagine how nice it will be when I’m able to use my URB-E. I picture myself swooping over the bridge, bypassing all the congestion. The only point of my new journey that might be a problem is the section of road between the end of the bridge and my workplace. There’s no sidewalk or bike path and the truck traffic is quite heavy. Perhaps I should ask our local government body to put in a sidewalk. I think a letter to our municipal government is in order.

Oh dear. Sounds like I’ve found something to keep me occupied while I wait for my URB-E.

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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