Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder – My Makeshift Ergonomic Standing Desk

Recently, I’ve decided to literally get up off my butt. I don’t sit at work anymore – I stand.

I find that I’m more focused, more energetic and far more productive (shh – don’t tell my boss that I was previously unproductive!). Aside from all the positive work-stuff, my left leg doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it used to. Yay!!!!

It has been a multi-stage process over the course of a month…

  1. Push chair away
  2. Move keyboard and mouse to top of desk
  3. Add document holder to hutch door so that I don’t have to look down all the time
  4. Raise monitor 4″ off desktop
  5. Place keyboard on empty binder angled away from me on desktop
  6. Raise monitor another 4″ off desktop
  7. Raise calculator and phone 10 1/2″ off desktop
  8. Raise mouse 4″ off desktop
  9. Raise monitor again to 12 1/2″ off desktop
  10. Add document holder beneath monitor for writing

Each step has resulted in my desk being more and more comfortable and easier to work at. While it is definitely not pretty, I am quite pleased with the end result. Perhaps in time, I’ll purchase some accessories that would make my desk slightly less unsightly.

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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2 Responses to Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder – My Makeshift Ergonomic Standing Desk

  1. Looks like a good compromise to me. Anything that helps is good news!

    Love, Mum

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