Area Link Camp

This past weekend, Daniel and I attended the area link camp held at Camp Maclean in Langley. We arrived a little late because I just couldn’t resist stopping in at Mountain Equipment Co-op to pick up a few personal treats:

Light My Fire FireSteel 2.0 Scout Snow Peak Personal Cooker No.3 DMT D3 Set Sharpeners

We’ll chat a bit about my the new toys later, but for this entry I will focus on the camp.

When we finally arrived at Camp Maclean, we settled in quickly thanks to Tony for helping me set up my tent in 7 minutes 48 seconds (yes, he was timing it) and Daniel staying in a cabin with his pack instead of tenting. To be honest, it was a bit of a relief that Daniel camped as a cub and didn’t link up as a scout. I think that it would have been a little too overwhelming for him as there were no familiar faces from our own scout group attending.

Next on our agenda was a night hike with the other groups. As the sky was looking grey, but not imminently threatening, we all went up to the meet-up area without our rain gear. Big mistake. Really big mistake. Really not smart. The skies opened up and we were all soaked through within two minutes. I can’t remember the last time I was so drenched. Ugh. I have nobody but myself to blame for being unprepared, but it certainly wasn’t the most pleasant hike. Fortunately, the hike wasn’t a long one and we were soon back at our camp with dry clothes waiting for us. My tent held up well and everything, including my rain gear, was bone dry inside.

There was no hope for my Teva boots to be dry anytime soon, so I clomped around in my heavy, but very warm and dry, snowshoeing boots for the rest of the weekend (just try running and canoeing in them – ha!). To the boys’ credit, I didn’t hear a single complaint about being cold or wet.

Saturday’s activity schedule included FLEX (fun leadership experience), trebuchet, bottle rockets, orienteering (compass work), fire-starting, obstacle course design and build and my fav – archery. On Sunday morning we headed over to the beaver pond for some canoeing. I’m sure the cubs had as much fun as I did – it was a blast!

Combine a fun, activity-filled weekend with good food and the result was a fantastic camp. I’d like to thank all the organizers, cooks, parents and leaders for their hard work in making it all possible. Most of all I’d like to thank the children – they’re the reason this all took place and it was truly an honour to spend the weekend camping with them.

Heading out onto the beaver pond.

Daniel hanging out on the dock at the beaver pond.

Results from my very first attempt at archery. The three in the center are Larry’s and mine are the other three. I’d like to not count the one that missed the target paper, but at least it didn’t bounce off the wall. What a rush!

Daniel having a go at archery. This was his favourite activity over the entire weekend.

Working together at the obstacle course station.

Daniel working on getting his fire going at the fire-starting station.

Opening ceremony. The line you see is just one part of the 300 person circle.

Our camp. The cubs were in the cabin and leaders stayed either in tents or another nearby cabin. My tent is the little green tent on the left.

Almost ready to climb out of my tent on Saturday morning. Just need to tighten my woggle and I’m good to go!

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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