A Personal Challenge

Spring LupinesBear with me, I’m feeling a little contemplative today. I’m struggling at the moment to keep my “head above water” so to speak.

Physically, things are quite well, but I’m struggling with a bit of brain fog. Brain fog, for me at least, means that I’m not focusing well on tasks at hand, my short term memory becomes non-existent and I have difficulty expressing my thoughts. To others it may appear that I have the attention span of a flea and may be suffering from a lack of being able to apply even the most basic grammatical rules.

Rather than flounder around in my fog, I’m going to try a few things. Firstly, I’m going to make notes to tackle the short-term memory issue. Secondly, I will employ a timer to keep myself on track with projects – this has worked well for me in the past. Thirdly, I will try to keep my peace until I have my thought fairly well rounded. Finally, I will be making a point of spending some time each day doing something I love. Being true to myself, especially when feeling unwell is crucial. A person can be so easily overwhelmed trying to be there for everyone else, trying so hard to maintain the status quo. But, I can’t be there for anybody if I’m not able to take care of myself.

So, without any further rambling, my challenge is this: Take at least half an hour each day to do something you love. For myself, this may entail getting out into the garden, taking a mini hike and making a cup of tea on my teeny-tiny alcohol stove, playing my ukulele or it may even entail quietly meditating. Whatever it is that you need on a particular day to feel good about yourself and nurture your spirit- that is what you should do. For at least half an hour. Each day.

As for dealing with day to day life I’ve been trying to keep these three things in mind: be thankful, be true to myself, be kind. I could discuss each of these things to no end, but I’ll leave you to contemplate and reflect on them yourself – they mean different things to everybody.

Back in 2012, when I was first diagnosed with MS and struggling to make it through each day, I often felt very defeated and low. I recall that at a doctor’s appointment on a particularly rough day, another patient gave me a lovely compliment. Beyond “thank-you” I was speechless. That simple comment, which she probably doesn’t remember making, bouyed my spirits for many days.

Be kind to one another. Your kind words or actions may be a treasure for someone to cherish. You never know what others may have on their plates, what troubles they may be struggling through, such a simple gift can make big difference to someone’s day.

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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