Sunny Sunday Bike Ride


Wow, what a fantastic day to go for a bike ride! Daniel and I had a great ride together yesterday through Burns Bog and up into Watershed Park. It was perfect – not too hot. We took a few little breaks, but overall rode pretty steadily.

Daniel had a difficult time relaxing for the first half. I think he had a difficult time wrapping his mind around the uncertainty of how long and how far we were going to ride. I’ll need to plan a route next time and make sure we have a lot more water on hand.

One of the highlights for Daniel was rescuing a couple of woolly bear caterpillars. He found them trying to cross the pathway and gave them a lift to the other side on the palm of his hand. I love his kind and gentle heart – that he cares that much about a caterpillar reflects well on him.

20151004IMGP5475While heading back home, we stopped for a little while in a little clearing at the side of the greenway and practiced our knife skills. Yes, knife skills. Before you raise the alarm after seeing us sitting so closely together, well within the “cut zone”, let me explain that we’re using plastic knives and whittling away bars of soap. As this is an environmentally sensitive area, we’re making sure that all the shavings are collected into plastic bags that we’ll take home with us. This time around, Daniel focused on controlling his knife and made very few injurious slips. My comment of “you just took off your knuckle” when he was getting close to the end of his soap chunk was overheard by someone walking past. When the man looked back and saw what we were doing he smiled. He must have gone through this process himself at some point.

20151004IMGP5476Before jumping back on our bikes, we did a quick garbage pick-up. I feel very strongly that, if at all possible, we should always leave the space cleaner than when we found it. There wasn’t much to collect, just a plastic spoon and a piece of paper.

I have several more rides in mind to plan with Daniel. Together , we’ll review them and plan out some meals and snacks to enjoy along the way. We should be able to practice a few of our outdoor skills as well.

I hope to get in at least two rides a week for the next little while to get in shape and get used to handling our bikes.

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About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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