It’s Pouring Outside – Let’s go Camping!

20131005IMGP4130The camping bug has bitten! From the warmth of my office I can hear the water splashing from the tires of passing trucks and the wet, drippy sounds of fall make me long for the outdoors. I’m pining (ha!) to go tenting.

Thank goodness there’s a camp coming up in the near future. Yay!

In preparation for camp, we’re doing a gear check at tonight’s meeting. Daniel doesn’t have everything on the list, so we’ll need to do some shopping. Ugh. We’re on an extremely tight budget these days, so any tips you have on snagging great deals on items like youth rain gear, moisture-wicking shirts, waterproof matches and rope would be greatly appreciated.

He already has a lot of the essentials like a minus-ten sleeping bag, foamie, tarp, headlamp and so on, but there are a lot of clothing items he’s either grown out of or has not needed until this point. As for me, I’ll just bring Daryle’s rain gear and I’ve got some lovely clompy waterproof boots, so I’m set. Well, not really – one can never have enough gear, but I think I’m set up pretty well. Quick review of the gear list and some frugal sourcing and we’ll be good to go.

There’s nothing like a bit dampness in the air and the sound of steady rainfall to shift my brain into camping mode…

About Christine N

I'm married to Daryle, Mom to two wonderful boys - Daniel and Andy.
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2 Responses to It’s Pouring Outside – Let’s go Camping!

  1. T. Henriksen says:

    Brrrr….. Best of luck on your camping trip! You are far more adventurous than I!

    • Christine N says:

      We found the rest of the necessary gear over the weekend, so we’re all set to keep warm and dry regardless of the weather! So looking forward to heading out for an entire weekend outdoors… Thanks for commenting 🙂

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