My Garden


California poppy stretching out against the sky.

Since 2010, my garden has had a very tough go of it. Living on quite a steep hillside, I didn’t venture out often when I was pregnant with Andy and since his arrival and my MS diagnosis I have found it increasingly difficult to find the time and energy to get my hands dirty out in the garden.

This said, I still love my garden and enjoy looking at it from our living room window each day. The subtle day-to-day changes are lovely to watch. In the fall and winter the birds feed from the seed heads (interpret as a lack of dead-heading) and in the spring and summer the progression of blooms moves from one section of the garden to another in a parade of colour.

The upper side bed and south side of the big old stump (for lack of a more graceful name for it) have been planted with springtime gems like Solomon’s seal, bleeding heart, forget-me-nots, and a wonderful huckleberry bush. A sun-baked flat area surrounded by very old railway ties, “Creosote alley” focuses on plants that can withstand summer heat and drought (I don’t water at all). Creosote alley contains plants like crocosmia, bachelor’s buttons and lillies. Between “creosote alley” and the shade garden lies my main herb and odd veggie garden. I grow oregano, thyme, day lilies (yes, you can eat them), a dwarf apple tree, walking Egyptian onions, garlic, and leeks.


Gorgeous shimmering little jumping spider on a miniature rose leaf.


Bee foraging on an allium.


Springtime bliss – one of my tulips in all its glory!


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